Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: March 27, 1995


On the evening of March 27, 1995, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joe Kerry picked up his two young children at the home of his wife, Kathy, who he was separated from. She had been entertaining a houseguest that belonged to her sister, Rita Roberts. "Kathy ended up with Andromeda because I had moved into my father's house and he is afraid of snakes," explained Rita.

Kathy went into the garage to Andromeda's cage to feed the Burmese python a rabbit, something that she had never done before, but Rita had explained it to her. However, when she placed the rabbit inside the cage, Andromeda bit her on the hand and proceeded to coil up her arm. Around 5pm, a desperate call for help came in to Milwaukee Police telecommunicator Mary Ann Stimo.

At first, Stimo could not understand what Kathy was saying but then she understood that the snake would not let go of her hand. "It's not the type of call you'd expect to find in Milwaukee," said Stimo. A Milwaukee Fire unit was dispatched, including EMT Mark Stockland. He thought it was a false alarm, but people don't make up things that goofy. Milwaukee Police officer Dave Arndt, owner of two snakes himself, and his partner headed for the scene. "Normally, a snake of that nature will clamp down, coil up, and constrict its prey until it's dead", Arndt explained, "and then consume it head first."

Kathy was hysterical while on the phone with Stimo. "In my mind I was picturing it going for her neck, and I didn't know how long she would have if that happened." She was concerned regarding how long it would take for both the fire and police departments to respond, but Stimo advised her that help was on the way.

Within 5 minutes of the call, the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived, led by Lieutenant Wayne Reed. Reed, noting that he had 25 years on the job, was convinced that the snake would eat her hand. He reached out and grabbed the back of Andromeda's head. Stimo was relieved that help had reached Kathy. Reed and the other firefighters managed to put Andromeda back into her cage.

Kathy was transported by Bell Ambulance to a local hospital, treated for a bite on her hand, and released the same day. Despite what happened, she continued to take care of Andromeda. Stimo says that this is a call she'd never forget saying, "If someone asks, 'Did you ever have any memorable calls at 911?' I'd say, 'Let me tell you about the snake.'"